Scotsman Traveled To The Big City. His Adventure Will Make You Grin.

A Scotsman goes to London.

One day, a Scotsman traveled to the big city. He was impressed by all of the shops, tall buildings, and the bustle of city life. At one point, he came upon a storefront with a sign that read: – Shirts: £3 -Trousers: £5 -Suit Coats: £10

“O’ch, that’s a screaming good deal!” the Scotsman said to himself. “I bet that if I bought a heap of these and took em back home, I’d make me a fortune.”

The Scotsman figures that the shopkeeper won’t serve him if he knows that he’s Scottish, so the Scotsman walks in and asks, in his finest English accent “Good sir, I should like to purchase 500 shirts, 300 pair of trousers, and 150 suit coats, please.”

The shopkeeper looks at him and says “You’re Scottish, aren’t you?”

The Scotsman is flabbergasted and asks “What? How did ye ken I was from Scotland?”

The shopkeeper responds “Well, for one thing, we’re a dry cleaning service, sir.”

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