An Old Man Had His Whole Family With Him In His Final Hours. His Last Words Left Everyone Numb.

An old man is on his death bed, and his family has come in from all over the country to be with him in his final hours. He opens his eyes, and says “Is Ruthie here? My beautiful, loyal wife?”

“Oh yes, my handsome prince! I’m right here!” Ruthie replies.

He continues, “…and what of my strapping boy, who always made me proud? Is he here, with that lovely wife of his?”

“Yeah pops, we’re right here”

“…and what about those two grandkids of mine? The Michael and Sarah? Are my little angels here?”

“Of course grampa!”

The old man continues, “So everyone is here in the room with me right now?”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

The old man lets out a sigh, and starts shouting, “THEN WHY ARE ALL THE GODDAMN LIGHTS ON IN THE HOUSE?!”

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