This Man Was Late For Work And He Had An Absurd Excuse. This Is Brilliant.

So a guy showed up late for work, panting heavily. His boss asked him why he came in late.

The man replied:”Well, I had a date and it ran a little late. I tried to catch the bus but missed it. I called a taxi, but then the taxi broke down. So then I rented a horse. Then, the stupid horse died in the middle of the road. I then ran the rest of the way to work and that’s why I’m late”.

The boss looked at the man and told him “I’ll let it slide this time, but don’t be late again”.
So 8 hours later it’s time for the next shift to come in. Every single person comes in late, all panting heavily.

The boss is furious and asks why they all came in late. They explained “Well, we all had dates, and they ran a little late. We tried to catch the bus but missed it. We all took taxis, but they broke down before they could bring us here. We then rented horses but they died before they could finish the trip which is why we had to walk to work and that’s why we are all late”.

The boss doesn’t believe them but lets them off with it just because he let the first guy get away with it. Now once it’s time for the guy on the next shift to come in, he shows up late. His boss is furious. He says “Let me guess, you had a date that ran late?”

The man replies: “No. There were so many broken down taxis and dead horses in the road that it took forever to get here.”

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