Man Had A Car Accident And Was Brought To The E.R. This Story Depicts Medical System In All Its Glory.

Goku gets into a car accident and has to be rushed to the E.R. He has a piece of shrapnel stuck in his arm and is in extreme pain. He gets to the front desk and yells at the nurse “Help! I’m in extreme pain! I have shrapnel in my arm!” The nurse looks at him calmly and says, “sure, but first you have to fill out this insurance information.” and she hands Goku a 5 page packet.

Goku, disgruntled by the inconvenience, takes a seat and completes the paperwork. He returns to the desk and asks the lady if he can be treated now.

“Not yet,” she tells him, handing him a ten page packet of personal information he must complete.

Goku is in a lot of pain and very annoyed by this, but he decides the quicker he completes the paperwork the sooner he can be treated, so he sits down and does it. Upon completion, he returns to the desk, ready to be treated.

“Not so fast,” says the nurse, handing him a twenty page packet. At this point Goku is infuriated.

“Listen here!” Goku shouts at the nurse. “I’ve been in this E.R. for almost three hours now! I have shrapnel in my arm that needs to be taken out! I’m not filling out another piece of damn paperwork!”

“You fool!” Laughs the Nurse. “This isn’t even my final form!”

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